Investor Relations in Pfleiderer Group

In 2016 Pfleiderer Group performed number of activities to improve efficient communication with the capital market.

Investor relations

Activities dedicated to individual investors

  • Participation in the 20th edition of WallStreet conference organized by Individual Investors Association
  • The Pfleiderer Group was among the main partners of the first edition of the Capital Market Forum at the WSE - over 300 participants and 30 guest speakers
  • Over 40 individual investors present on Investor's Day. Its aim was to present the Pfleiderer Group's business model to investors, by both the company representatives and the capital market specialists observing wood and furniture industry on day to day basis. The promotional campaign of event in various channels has helped to reach to many new individual investors
  • Publication of the summary concerning the results on the IR website, the so called executive summary or factsheet

In march 2017, Pfleiderer Group won the prestigious ranking "Listed Company of the Year 2016" ("Giełdowa Spółka Roku 2016")

One year after the transaction of re-IPO and Group integration of the East and West business core, Pfleiderer Group won the prestigious ranking "Listed Company of the Year", category: "Investor Relations", organised by the "Puls Biznesu" daily and TNS Polska.

The competition "Listed Company of the Year" is the odlest and most prestigious ranking on the market and the prizes are awarded by about 100 brokers, analysts and investment advisors selected randomly. The critera considered by the experts include the competencies of the management board, prospects for development and investor relations. Honest and explicit communication policy of the Pfleiderer Group, as well as its proactive attitude using traditional and modern communication tools in relations with the Group's investors resulted in the 1st place in the Investor Relations category.

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