We can only build a future worth living by thinking and acting sustainably. At Pfleiderer, we do everything in our power to achieve this goal. That is why sustainability is an essential condition in all our corporate activities. At economic, ecological and social levels.

Our products are not only manufactured with the utmost care, our processes are also controlled by a certified environmental management system. We have a special responsibility, not only as a manufacturer, but as an employer as well: For this reason, our company cultivates a culture of mutual trust geared towards responsible, self-reliant action. This means sustainability for your benefit - environmentally sound products, committed employees and maximum satisfaction.

Health and Safety


The overall safety performance in 2016 showed a reduction of accidents (-15% against 2015) and absence hours (-20 % against 2015). In January 2015,  in Grajewo site tragic accident happened. Under this circumstances the Group have decided to work on a new program for safety to improve the safety culture of the company and avoid all accidents in the future. In line with the “ONE PFLEIDERER” project the new program “ONE SAFETY” was introduced. In addition our new safety mission “SAFETY FIRST” includes also the “ZERO ACCIDENTS” target.


In 2016 the most important environmental activities have been related to 2 new environmental legislation processes:

REACH Process
REACH is the European Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It entered into force in 2007, replacing the former legislative framework for chemicals in the EU. During the European REACH Process all chemicals which are produced in or imported to Europe have to be evaluated by ECHA (European Chemical Agency) regarding the environmental impact during the whole value chain. Aim is to restrict or authorize the usage. This process also considers all glues and resins which are used in the production process of Pfleiderer Group.
BREF Process
In the European BREF Process a harmonized environmental law was developed by the European Commission for the Wood Based Panel Industry (WBP industry). New limit values for the plants have been decided and will come into force end of year 2019. The authorities invited Pfleiderer Group to take part in the discussions on national level in Germany and Poland what is related to transformation of the European law into national law. The discussion covered areas related to national level such as measurement methods, frequency of measurements and also the concrete decision of the new limit values.

Suppliers & raw materials


Currently, approximately 70% of the Groups turnover is purchased from the procurement market which means that purchasing bears a great responsibility for the cost structure and the buyer is obliged to make a major contribution to the competitiveness of the Pfleiderer Group.

We expect active support from our suppliers in the development and in the testing of new products, flexibility and absolute delivery reliability. All supplies and services have to meet the Group quality requirements and to make a continuous contribution to cost savings.

Purchasing in the Pfleiderer Group is managing by spend in three areas:

  • Direct (Chemicals, Paper, Energy)
  • Wood
  • Indirect

Using scale and power of all the Group, each area negotiates terms and conditions with suppliers, based on strategy prepared and realized in each sub-material group.

Purchasing Department in 2016 was responsible for cooperation with suppliers in many projects, one of the most important is FAFIO (Focus Areas For Improvement in Operations), which assumes savings in following years. On-going target is also to further enlarge advantages of Global Sourcing markets and optimization of working capital.

Simultaneously Purchasing Department also works on project “Purchasing Excellence”, where it wants to intensify focus on strategic fields in purchasing and further develop the purchasing organization and its performance towards best practice.

None of the suppliers of the capital group of the Company has the share in total value of supplies equal to or higher than 10% of total sales revenues of the capital group of the Company.



The Pfleiderer Group supports the principle of sustainable forestry, which is why we only use wood from sustainably managed
or certified forests or recycled wood in our products. Standards such as the PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC® - FSC® licence code: FSC-CO011773 (Forest Stewardship Council) ensure sustainable management and are therefore followed in the purchasing department. These programmes ensure that companies act and trade according to defined ecological, social and economic standards. The Pfleiderer Group never uses wood from exhaustive cultivation or forest destruction.

Our research and development department continuously tests new methods and processes for using raw materials as sparingly as possible. At the moment it is busy examining the manufacture of particularly lightweight wood-based panels. These should only contain lignocellulose-based raw materials and should be a third lighter than wood-based panels with the same thickness to date.

Our objective: To use these methods and processes to consume fewer raw materials – and yet maintain
the familiar quality defined in specifications. Such products are also easier to transport and are also easier for customers to handle.

iso.pngWe derive our environmental objectives and the specific programmes from the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, which defines worldwide recognised requirements for an environmental management system. The standard therefore promotes a continuous improvement process for the environmental performance of an organisation. Starting from the West Europe region, our medium-term objective is to have the whole Group certified to ISO 14001. All German locations and our Polish glue manufacturer Silekol have already been audited successfully. An overview of our certificates is provided under the corresponding heading in the service area on our website.

Most of our goods are transported by road. In 2013, our own transport company, Jura-Spedition, was one
of the first businesses in Germany to change the whole of its truck fleet to the new Euro 6 standard. Jura Spedition therefore now drives even more environmentally friendly than before and uses the latest technologies.

Our products store CO2 throughout their whole life cycle. The longer a wood product is used the greater the storage effect. After use our products can either be used again as recycled wood material.
Or they are used for energy use and in this way help to replace fossil fuels. During combustion the quantity of CO2 released is no more than was stored in the wood during its life. Due to this thermal recovery, very little waste is produced in the production of our wood products. But we actually think it is a shame to burn wood. We are therefore in favour of cascaded use - as a material first and then energetically.

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